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Midsommar (2019) " Instagram and Cannibalism: A Penny Dreadful for Millennials " (Reboot Theatre's Sweeney Todd , 2019) " The  ' Oprah of the Underworld' Brings Horror and Burlesque to Northwest Film Forum " (2019) " Pr0n 4 Freakz: A New Quarterly Skin-Flick Film Series with a Queer Focus " (2018) The Atomic Cafe  (review date 2018) " Earnest and Eccentric: Northwest Local Sightings Film Festival " (2018) Mandy   (2018) " Is a Complete Overthrow of Capitalism the Only Way to Secure Rights for Trans People? You Decide at  Fallen Star . " (2018) Revenge (2018) The Endless (2018) Marrowbone (2018) A Quiet Place (2018) Did You Wonder Who Fired the Gun? (review date 2018) " Children’s Film Festival Captures the Mood of Our Moment and Offers Tools to Fix It " (2018) " The Most Depressing Chicken Dance I Have Ever Seen Happens in  Real Magic " (2018) Bombshell:

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Joule Zelman is a writer and translator living in Seattle, Washington. The Stranger East European Film Bulletin Academic work More coming soon.